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99% of the time i see supernatural gifs i think the text on them is made up, even though i’ve watched half of the series

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if science doesn’t make you want to write poetry you’re doing it wrong


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very fucking punny you shits


with all the actual humour, tumblr still finds “teeth” the funniest thing.

actual humor

I’m crying I love puns so much

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Stana Katic + her obsession with mimes on Castle

hey, NF got his ninja episode, so maybe we will see a mime episode!

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"I’m such a dork"

— Tatiana Maslany, echoing the entire cloneclub (via alisonwithagluegun)
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Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

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Next Monday, #Castle returns with a very groovy new episode! Can you dig it? #MondayFever

I hope this is as hilarious as it seems.

If Amann brings any of his comedy from his writing in After the Storm to this episode, I won’t be disappointed.

I hope he does. ATS had some hilarious scenes (Beckett hiding in the closet, forgetting her bra, Castle’s apology at her apartment etc).

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i’m chatting with a potential roommate right now and the stress is so real

like i’m actually kind of shaking i really want her to like me ahhh

  "castle comes home from a book tour to find that beckett bought a dog without telling him"


There was a lot of things that Castle expected when returning home from a two month book tour. The loft redecorated with the last of Kate’s things, his wife either sleeping on the couch or waiting for him naked, even the sight of his daughter or mother. He certainly wasn’t expecting the puppy that took off in his direction and began jumping on him.

The puppy, who’s collar said her name was Lily, wore a bow in her fur was the very last thing he expected. She was still a tiny thing, despite the fact that he instantly acknowledged her breed as a golden retriever. As he moved through the apartment, Lily was nipping at his heels and jumping up and down happily.

"Kate?" He called out, moving forward to their bedroom. The only sounds were the dog’s nails as she galloped on the hardwood floor behind him and the sounds of heavy breathing. "Kate?" He asked again, looking around as he moved to step inside their bedroom.

It was only mid-day, so he assumed initially that maybe she’d gone to work but he could have sworn that she’d said she had the day off today, thus his urge to get the next available flight home. When he moved into the bedroom, he saw his wife fast asleep on his side of the bed and smiled to himself. 

Lily seemed to be happier to see Kate than him and she instantly jumped up on the bed, beginning to nuzzle into Kate’s neck. The action drew her from her sleep somewhat and she groaned as she politely denied the kisses from the puppy. Castle laid his luggage to the side and after kicking his shoes off, he curled up in bed beside her. Kate gave him a lazy smile.

"Who’s this?" He played dumb as the puppy jumped over Kate and went to him, licking his cheek happily. Kate rolled over and ran her hand through the puppy’s fur. 

"Mm," she said tiredly, rubbing her eyes. "S’Lily." 

Castle nodded his head and pushed the puppy away from his face, but she was quite insistent with her kisses. “And what is Lily doing in the apartment?”

Kate laughed softly, pulling the puppy down to lay with her. Lily curled up close to her and closed her eyes, finally deciding to settle down. “When I was growing up, I always wanted a puppy.” She stopped to yawn and stretch out. “But we lived in a no-pet apartment and my parents refused to take care of the puppy, no matter how much I said I would take care of it.” Rick had a laugh at the image of a young Kate stomping her foot after getting her way. “Besides, I thought the baby could use someone to play with.”

Nodding his head, he began to speak when his mind backtracked on her words. His mouth hung open slightly as he focused on Kate, who’s lower lip was between her teeth. “Baby?” He asked, eyes darting from her stomach to her face as her lips pulled into a wide grin. 

She nodded her head slowly, opening her mouth to say something back when he cupped the back of her head and pressed their mouths together. She’d been nervous at first to tell him, unsure of how he would feel about a child so soon in their marriage but she could feel every ounce of his love pour from his kiss and she felt at ease. 

Between them, the puppy kicked at Castle’s chest for room but he couldn’t care less, only separating from his wife when the need for air became too strong. “When did you find out?” He asked, suddenly like a kid at Christmas.

"Mm," she said as Lily began to bite at her fingers lightly. “‘Bout… seven weeks ago, I think. I bought her the same day." 

Rick’s jaw was slack again. “And you kept it a secret all this time?” He asked incredulously. Kate nodded. “You really are a remarkable woman, Kate Castle.”

She grinned at him and patted his cheek. “And don’t you forget it.” She teased before he pressed their lips together again.

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I love how what would have once gotten an eye-roll now gets that adorable smile. He makes her so happy,  the kind of happy she hasn’t let herself be in over 10 years. 

That’s her man. Her adorable, goofy, not afraid to just have fun man. And what I love, too, is that he’s trying to make her laugh here. Cause he can be silly around her now. And why wouldn’t he when he’s getting that kind of reaction. Perfect couple is so freaking perfect!

this. all of this.

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