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Murder board.

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*cries until 2016*

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Beckett’s hair and why it is so important

Now not only are Stana’s luscious locks completely spellbinding, but they are also used to emphasize parts of Beckett’s personality throughout the series, which is super cool.

We first meet a hardened Beckett, going through life with this shell around her.  She needs to appear tough, like nothing can get to her - she is still really hurting from her mothers murder, and needs to prove to everyone that she’s okay.  So she acts tough and snarky and like she doesn’t care about anything.  The short haircut that she sports reflects this; the red hair is fierce and intimidating, and its spiked, short cut shows us that she is down to business and not some frilly female cop.

As time goes on, however, and Castle begins to crack this wall she has created around herself, we see Beckett’s hair grow longer. She trades the harsh red for a smooth, silky brown, and substitutes sharply styled hair with loose curls and waves.  Beckett is finally becoming a little more vulnerable, and a little more soft, because of Castle’s influence around her.  She wears it in a pony-tail a fair amount of time when she is working, showing that she is still the same down-to-business cop that she was before, however the softness of her hair shows us a softer side of her.

By the time she and Castle are getting married her hair is very long, always styled, and very feminine.  Beckett has solved her mothers murder, a weight has been lifted off of her shoulders, so she can be more loose and have more fun.  She is open to the experience of love again even though it has hurt her in the past.  Her flowing, soft hair reflects this new side of her personality.

What’s super cool, though, was that they her hair changed again for the seventh season!  After Castle’s two-month life hiatus we see Beckett sporting a shorter haircut then she had at the wedding.  She styles it straight and sharp, building her walls back up again as yet another loved one has left her life.  She is adopting the season one persona again, the one who can’t show vulnerability and needs to be down-to-business.  However, once Castle returns, her hair begins to be styled back in it’s loose curls.  Just Castle’s safety and presence in her life allows her to break down her walls and become a little more vulnerable, just as her hair shows us.


BADASS BECKETT (◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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orphan black + zombie apocalypse ➜ click & drag (insp.)
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Beckett: Where’s Castle?

Castle: image

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I really hope there’s a deleted scene of her freaking out over the chair and almost shooting the guy.

There’s a one-shot fic!

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Her acting was amazing this episode. As usual. 7x01 driven.

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