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Clara Oswald in Deep Breath [x]

I swear to God I must have auditioned for Rent like 15 times. I would always get down to the end. And I would buy like the low-ride pants trying to be edgy and cool, but they knew, they could tell I just wasn’t… I tried so hard.

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it is ridiculous how different my reactions are to real life couple and these two

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Fuck Yes, Always Hiatus challenge 6

↳ Humor

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#literally rewatched this about a hundred times over the last few hours #LOOK AT HOW FUCKING PROUD SHE IS OF HIM #because this is right after gates says she’s never seen a man willing to do that and how he deserves being able to have non-hidden kisses #and she just says she agrees and then looks at him with this BRILLIANT smile #like she’s so proud of him; so proud of THEM #because this big goofy idiot just risked his life to be with her because he wouldn’t give up #because he loves her too fucking much to not try everything at his disposal to save her#and because he absolutely will not let her die alone #and he’s still clearly riding on the high of being alive and her being there with him #you can tell it doesn’t phase him at all #because castle is the kind of guy who doesn’t doubt his judgment and he will never quit on you no matter what #when he loves you he will go to the ends of the earth to keep you safe and with him #so he just shrugs because there was never a doubt for him that he’d be with her as that last minute counted down#there was never any question or hesitation on his behalf #he’s not proud of himself like she’s proud of him he’s just…happy he gets the girl #but it will never stop affecting beckett #his love and dedication and stubbornness when it comes to her will always get to her #like a punch to the gut it just takes her breath away#because she’s been so used to being the martyr; the independent self-sacrificer#and she still has the urge to be those things but he won’t let her #won’t let her drown in herself or give up or take an unnecessary blow #and even after everything i think it still sometimes knocks the wind out of her how clearly he loves her #and she’s thrilled with it; wrapped up in it #so happy to live in moments like these where she can see so clearly that he’s hers and she’s his and this was always meant to be #i just #THIS SHOW IS EMOTIONALLY SCARRING [x]


My heart is bleeding.. 


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I’m enjoying this a lot more than I should.

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stana katic + twitter

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William Hartnell said from the very beginning “This [show] is gonna run forever and ever and ever” - Carole Ann Ford. 

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  "your buffy post is so tru. queer representation? check. girls that can be feminine AND badass? yes. a large ensemble cast with a variety of cool ladies? you bet. cute witch lesbians? hell yeah"

RIGHT?! Yes everyone go watch buffy now


Natural Selection
Orphan Black, Season 1

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Funny people.

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